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"Sightings of Marco Pierre White and his on-off girlfriend Emilia Fox have been rarer than one of his roast beef luncheons. The temperamental sauce stirrer has been going out, or rather staying in, with the doe-eyed star of Silent Witness since the summer of 2012. But their romance went from red hot to simmering and finally spluttered out earlier this year. 

Now I hear that Emilia, who is about to turn 40, is once again getting a good basting from the chef, and what’s more, has found an ally in the shapely form of Mati, Marco’s ex wife and the mother of his three children. 

“Mati has taken the view that it’s better to keep your friends close and enemies closer,” says a chum. “Being pally with Milly means she can keep tabs on Marco’s movements. He’s elusive to say the least.” 

Indeed the course of true love has not run smoothly for either Marco or Emilia. The thrice married chef separated from Mati two years ago after a series of very public ructions. Emilia had an ill-fated marriage to the moody actor Jared Harris and went on to have a daughter, Rose, from her relationship with eco-activist Jeremy Gilley. 

Still, Milly plainly likes the way the mercurial Marco waggles his wooden spoon. The only time she ever spoke about their liaison, she blushingly described him as “amazing” and observed that she liked “imperfections” in her men.”

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